"Premiere Group Ltd", Varna is private ownership company, registered in year 1997 in Varna, Bulgaria.


"Premiere Group Ltd" is a Varna based contractor that specializes in providing quality services to the ship yards, ship repair yards and ship owners.


"Premiere Group Ltd" utilizes highly skilled teams of specialists and coordinators that cater the specific needs of each client and every project, both naval and industrial


"Premiere Group Ltd" is ISO 9001 certified by LR since year 1998


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Shiprepair yard "VIKTOR LENAC SHIPYARD" d.d., Rijeka, Croatia

In April 2018 "Premiere Group" Ltd. started a collaboration with ship repair yard " VIKTOR LENAC SHIPYARD" d.d., Rijeka, Croatia, where it performs mechanical works on various ships.  


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 Premiere Group’s 16 Year Anniversary

Premiere Group’s 16 Year Anniversary

2013 marks Premiere Group’s 16 Year Anniversary, which calls for celebration of our past achievements and vision for the future. The Gala Dinner brought together the managment and engineering team, and also guest from diferent countries. The night included a firework show, rich meal, all drinks, entertainment and inspiring live music.


25, 'Kap.Petko Voivoda' Str.
9000 Varna, Bulgaria
Tel: +359-(0)52-600767, 600076
Fax: +359-(0)52-601469
E-mail:  premiere@premieregroup.net